SHOW-n-TELL w/ Matt Cruz - Jimmy LeCompt's House of Horror

SHOW-n-TELL episode 006 - 05-13-20 -

Jimmy LeCompt's House of Horror When I was a little kid - about 10 years old in Phoenix I remember seeing A Nightmare on Elm Street. It was totally by accident walking into the wrong movie theater with my mom and dad. We watched from the entrance for a couple minutes before leaving to some other movie. All these years later and I have no memory of what we intended to see... the only memory being Freddy. That's what got me started loving the Horror genre. From there my love progressed to HOW the movies were made then to costume and make-up.

Jimmy LeCompt fell in love with Horror and has built quite a collection of memorabilia over the years and he's invited us in to see some of his collection. This is Jimmy LeCompt's House of Horror...

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